Pictures from Snow Fun Day

Here is our happy $1000 winner Zac Craggs who won 1st prize on the $10 Ticket.


Happy crowd winning prizes!  Thanks to all that attended!  See you in 2024!

Snow Fun Day Winners

Poker Run Winners – Snow Fun Day January 28, 2023

1st Prize $250    Mike Esposito          2nd Prize $175   Jack Kuhnice

3rd Prize $100    Kristen Juran              $50 Prize   Mike Esposito

$10 Prize   Chris Bielinski

$10 Raffle Ticket Winner – Snow Fun Day January 28, 2023
Prize Amount   Ticket Number    Ticket Winner Name
$1,000                     0066                      Zac Craggs
$500                        1292                       Jason Stormowski
$500                        2019                       John Olsen
$400                        0014                       Jody Engelos
$200                         1345                       Jerome Lavash
$200                         1097                       C.J. Toedy
$100                         1024                        Mike Bessert

$100 Ticket Winners – Snow Fun Day January 28, 2023
Prize Amount     TicketNumber       Ticket Winner Name
$200                            26                      Jim & Mike Wisneski
$200                             54                     Greg Strong
$200                            141                     Linda Smith
$200                            148                    Tom Anderson
$200                            147                     Karl Parson & Curt Spencer
$200                             42                      Dan Bluma
$200                             81                       Leah Littleton
$200                             39                       Pamela Fredenburgh
$200                             191                      Paul & Deanna Farley
$200                             125                     John Hibbard
$200                             121                     Jen Knaughty Pine
$200                               9                       Paul Pleshek
$200                             105                     John Brantmeier
$200                             109                     MJ Dinkelman
$200                              98                      Trina Dinkelman
$200                             138                     Scott Jackson
$200                              44                      Mike Ott
$300                               13                      Pat & Diane Wisneski
$400                               48                     Amy Klapper
$500                               80                     Doug Van Dreel
$600                               11                      Dan Kissinger
$800                               14                      Bill Wolf
$1,000                            55                      Robert Kitchell
$2,000                            30                     Chris Alby
$5,000                           156                     Roxie LoMonaco

The checks to the prize winners will be in the mail this week so if your name is listed above watch for it!  All 25 Bucket Raffle winners have been notified of their prizes as well.

Thanks to all who donated prizes, worked Snow Fun Day, or came to enjoy the raffles and support Paul Bunyan Riders Snowmobile Club!!  See you next year or out on the trails.

Updated Trail Signs

“In the August newsletter, trail signage upgrades were mentioned.  If you are a regular, you know where you want to go, for visitors, it will help them become regulars and members.”

Gas Discounts for Members

Hi Members,

Just sending you an email to explain a wonderful offer by Rob Seeber, Owner of the Lakewood Depot Shell which is open to all current Paul Bunyan Club members.  Starting on October 1, 2021, if you go there to purchase fuel, you must go inside to pay, show them your current Paul Bunyan/AWSC Membership card and you will receive a 2-cent discount per gallon on your fuel purchase.  This offer can be added on to the 4-cent Veterans discount, fuel reward card, or any other discounts that are being offered.  Again, you will need to go into the station and show your card to receive this discount. You will not be able to receive this discount if you pay at the pump.  Let’s all thank Rob for his support of our club and be sure to thank him and his staff personally when you visit Lakewood Depot in Lakewood.

As you know Paul Bunyan does not issue a separate club membership card.  If you have already renewed your Paul Bunyan Riders membership and we have paid your AWSC dues, you received an email from the AWSC with your activated number and directions on how to order discounted trail passes and print an AWSC card.  That card clearly shows you are a Paul Bunyan Riders Club Member, and will be accepted by this discount program when shown at Lakewood Depot Shell.  (NOTE: If you have not renewed your membership yet, you will not be able to print an updated AWSC membership card to use with this program).

Below are instructions on how to print a card from the AWSC website.  If you do not have an email address or access to a computer and want to participate in this program, please contact Diane at  715-340-8824 and a card will be printed for you.

Go to the website and click on “Membership Inquiry” to print your AWSC/Paul Bunyan Riders Membership Card. There will be two options to enter your AWSC number.

A. SEARCH BY MEMBER ID (If you don’t already know your 5-Digit AWSC Number, you can find it on the mailing label found on the cover of Wisconsin Snowmobile News magazine) and your LAST NAME.

B. SEARCH BY NAME (Enter all the required information).

Once you enter the required information, as noted in the two different options, click on LOOKUP MEMBER INFO.

C. The option to print your AWSC Membership card will be on the right side of the screen.

Thank you,
Paul Bunyan Riders Snowmobile Club
P. O. Box 61
Lakewood, WI  54138